The Customer You’ll Never Have

You know the one that I am talking about.  You have called them 37 times; you have delivered material to their office, numerous coffee cards, Latte’s, Frappe’s, and donuts simply to entice the initial meeting.  In the past 18 months you have had the opportunity to talk to them one time live on the phone for about 3 minutes but other than that they are completely dark.  You know that they are using or have a legitimate need for your product or service.  The fact is that you just can’t get the initial sit down lunch or introduction meeting.

Don’t be discouraged!  Life in sales will periodically generate a situation where you may try for years and never actually win the business.  The main point here is to keep trying.  I want to take the time to also state that I am not in the market to bother people that don’t want my product and or services.  If a person asks me to not contact them anymore I will absolutely respect their decision.  I also do not “stalk” clients.  I will however call you a few times and as time goes on I will contact you less but do my best to keep the communication lines open. 

If I know that the prospect  continue to have needs that I can offer I will definitely do what I can to keep the communications line open and I will periodically call or stop by to say hello.  Even if I never get the illusive meeting that I so desire, my inability to simply give up will help me in the future either way.


Microsoft Surface Have You Heard Of It?

I admit it.  I added up my Apple devices and I counted 7  so I guess I have tasted the Kool-Aid and pretty much been hooked ever since.  I can’t remember the last time that I have wanted to purchase an electronic device that didn’t have a little fruit on it.  I laugh when I pass the Microsoft store at our local mall at how empty and desolate it looks as opposed to the ever party atmosphere at the Apple store.   I am however interested in looking at this when it comes out and seeing if I get the least bit jazzed about it.  I doubt it, but will give it a shot.

News from the OpenStack Foundation

Good article from Barb Darrow on the latest from the  OpenStack Foundation

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How Technical Is Your School?

Remember the traditional school house, black boards, Dick and Jane books and tiny cartons of milk?  Well they are long gone.  Forever replaced with smartboards, WiFi access, BYOD mobility, Internet 2.0 and Rainbow Skittles for everyone!  Check out this video on how kids learn today and how schools are adapting to accommodate them.

How U Like Me Now

Think AT&T & Sprint are keeping up with Verizon. Think Again

Really good Kevin Fitchard @kfitchard #BYOD #EthicalSalesGuy

Cisco + NBC = Olympics

Great video on the technology behind the curtain that allows us the ability to see and experience every second of the Olympics from anywhere.